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Hey coach B,
I am a tall guy (6'4, all legs and long arms. almost 80 in wing span. college hooper) and i am having trouble in the starting position of the snatch. I understand how its all supposed to work in theory but i am having a hard time keeping my bar path straight around my knees. My start position right now is my feet are pretty much under where the knurling marks begin when i look down at it, my arms are as wide as the bar will allow, my butt is below my shoulders and almost at my knees and my knees are slightly pushed out. And when i am standing straight up before i set up i pull the bar all the way against my shins. any tips on getting my knees out of the way would be great. thank you

Devin Harvey | 2011-06-01

i would address the bar about 2-3 inches away from shins. as you lift the bar off the ground you push your feet into the ground while sweeping the bar back to the mid-thing position. if you send me your email address i can forward you a couple of pix that show this. coach b
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Devin Harvey
Thanks coach b

Love your site, what a great resource! Would it be possible that you forward me these pictures as well, I'm experiencing a similar problem, thank you for everything!

All the Best,

Hi Coach, could you send the pix to a tall girl as well?
Many thanks!!
kindly send me the pictures too