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HI coach this is my first time posting when my snatch gets heavy i have the tendency that my hips rise too fast and it causes me too lose lots of lifts I am 165# and recently snatched 175# but i see my technique still needs work any advice on helping i have tried dynamic starts but it really messes with the bar trajectory thank you for your help

Jonathan Hurtado | 2011-04-21

practice doing lift off's. get set...then extend the legs with a push/sweep action bring the bar to the mid thigh....pause...take it down and repeat without putting bar on ground...about 1" from ground is good....on 3rd rep...snatch the weight from that pause. these are great you get heavy do not snatch....just do a pull.
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Jonathan Hurtado
Thank you so much for the advice coach i will practice these movements for sure and im sure my technique will improve