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Mike, I posed this question to Chad Vaughn, as well, but was hoping to get your input too.

In the past few mths, with dedicated technique work on the 8-week Catalyst cycle, I have been able to improve my snatch from 185 to 220 lbs (as of yesterday) at a bodyweight of 190 lbs. This is a huge improvement, and I never thought I'd see the day that 225 was a real possibility.

However, I have a big problem with one aspect of the snatch. I tend to always just drop into the hole and wait for the bar. This creates a very unstable catch position, and when the weight gets heavy, it will often just come crashing down and my arms will buckle slightly under the load, subsequently losing the weight forward. My first and second pulls are solid, and I think I could even get 230 or 235 into the catch position, but until I can remain in more control of the weight as I descend, these numbers will continue to avoid me.

What drills are best to work for this issue? What can I THINK about to keep this from occurring? Also, please keep in mind that I tend to do the same thing even in warm-up sets with 135 or 155 lbs, so it's not just a mental thing of trying to beat the bar down when it gets heavy. This is a perpetual issue for me.

Thanks a lot for your time and wealth of knowledge



Bryan | 2011-01-27

one must always meet the bar then go down. i use snatch lands and snatch drops initially. snatch lands work on the footwork at various levels of a power sn....i.e. 2", 4" 6"....but the footwork has to be the same as in the receiving position of a full snatch. this is critical!!! then i progress to sn drops....that is all the way down....footwork again is critical....progress to heaving sn balances where the footwork is already in that receiving position....then finally work on sn balances....feet go from the pulling/jumping position to the landing/receiving position. hope this helps. coach b
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