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I'm repeating a program that has worked well for me, but includes a PS+S combo - I think to get the speed, height, and groove set before the squat snatch. Since then, I got Tommy Kono's book, and he recommends PS only for warm-ups, suggesting it's a fundamentally different movement. I was thinking of replacing the PS+S with sn pull+S this time around. What would you suggest? Thanks

Kenyon | 2010-11-17

with all due respect to tommy kono i like the ps + sn combo. in fact i teach there is no difference n the pwr sn pull or the sn pull....there is only where the bar is received. having said that if you want to replace that pattern and do the sn pull + sn that is fine as well.
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Paul Dick
I agree with coach 100% but did not realize that the two could be done the same until after years of trainning. I think one has to be careful not to try to lift more in the PS by contorting their recieving position or pulling on the bar longer in an attempt to lift more weight in the PS. Both methods may allow you to PS more but you have now lost the corolation to the full. One must make sure they are excuting the exact same pull and for me this means making sure I keep my final extension shot and quick and receive the bar in a very upright parcitial squat position as I would when squat snatching