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Semper Fi Coach! I'm trying to incorporate olympic lifts into my Muay Thai based, Crossfit workouts: I need the POWER!! Any hints? Rory

Rory | 2005-09-22

rory, the olympic lifts by themselves will enhance power, especially the hang power snatch. i would encorporate the hang power snatch, hang power clean and push jerks into your routine. if you were under my direct supervision i would have you 2-3 days per week doing either lunges, walking lunges, step ups, chin ups....then the snatch, clean and pj, then back and abs along with jumps onto a box. i find that those that need explosive strength do well on this program. let me know how you are doing and do not hesitate to contact me ifyou need help. coach b
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Coach, would you suggest CF style metcon 2-3 days as well in addition to training. I am in the same boat as Rory. Plus I love O-lifting.