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I am training for 7 months of federal training in glynco, georgia. I have been a crossfitter for a while now, and I recently started emphasising oly lifts for overall strength and explosiveness. I run twice a week, crossfit/oly lifts 3 times a week, and have 2 rest days. I know the school will involve lots of running, calistenics, obstacle courses, etc. Any tips?

Loni | 2007-11-02

i think you are right on. crossfitting covers soooooo many avenues that almost anyone benefits from crossfit structure. crossfitting maped along side oly lifting is a win win all around!!! our next article in the journal will cover the topic you are asking about. it may not be out until dec as i submitted it too late. do not hesitate to ask questions if i can help. coach b
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