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Coach, I have been using your periodization table for my football team. Great gains! We would snatch or clean, squat, bench, medicine ball, and kettle bell in each workout. I am entering my pre season phase. How do you suggest that I modify their workout to be more explosive?

John Taylor | 2005-06-13

pre season means less reps but more intensity!!! lift hard and heavy or go home to mommy!!! team work!! commradre!!! togetherness!!! that is what makes a team!!!! especailly a football team!!! snatch, clean and jerk, and sqt!!! that is what makes a fb team more explosive!!! call me at the contact info. for more info if you need help!! coach b
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Damon Davis
Coach B,
I was just wondering what your periodization table was that was spoke of in this post.
what kind of results can we expect from more advance lifters?
Coach Burgener
the periodization model is on my website...check there.

advanced lifters will not make as good gains as the beginning lifters. a 10-15 kg improvement in a year is a big gain for advnaced lifters.
thanks a lot for your help, i know with Coach Hatch Squat program i got 75lbs in those 12weeks..