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Hello Coach B, greetings !
My name is Bhisham and I am a fat guy (Age: 31, Wt: 224.5Lbs @ 26.6% bodyfat) and has recently started doing crossfit. I see that crossfit provides a great platform to achieve overall fitness and allow a person to prove himself in the field of fitness. Coming from a non athletic background I see this as an opportunity for myself to achieve something in sports at this age (wish i could go back to my twenties and start CF).
Coach B, after watching your several videos, I must say that I have become your huge fan and like your videos very much. I have set myself a long term goal of appearing for crossfit games open 2016. My question to you is if I have set this expectation from myself, I know being this obese guy to participate in a profession environment where people from various athletic background compete. I know I can make this possible, however if I could get some good advice from you, that will be very helpful since you are very experienced coach. Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks very much Coach B.

Bhisham | 2014-08-14

my advise for you is simple: DO IT!!! you made a keep the goal!! achieve the goal!! prepare for the journey of a lifetime. your arena, the crossfit community, will support you 100%+ good luck on your new way of life!! coach b
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