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Hi Coach, I really appreciate all the tips and videos you have published. I am a new cross fitter that really struggles getting my elbows high when racking the bar on my shoulders for a clean or front squat. As I understand it, the elbows should be pointing away from the body with the humorous parrallel to the ground. My elbows have a tendency to point to the ground. I just can't seem to get them up high and it is frustrating. Do you have any tips or exercises I could do to help me achieve the proper position on my shoulders?

Chris | 2013-02-28

You are absolutely right about your elbows being up for a front squat and clean, and your clean should be received in the same position you front squat. It sounds like you have shoulder or wrist mobility issues. KStar at MobilityWOD is the expert in this subject so check out his webpage for some exercises. With that said, PNF stretches and wall/floor slides will help. It is going to take awhile to get them loosened up so do not get frustrated and keep at it!
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