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Hello coach and hope all things are going well. I thank you for the Mikes Gym shirt at the Arnold Classic (Nationals). I was going to ask you a question but you were very busy and didn't want to nag you with questions. I would like to know how often should my young members perform Jerks from the rack and what to focus on while doing this exercise? Thanks Coach and goodluck with Casey and all your team members.

Scott "Hillbilly" Tusic | 2008-03-08

how often and what to concentrate on depends on those athletes. lets take a look at sage. sage has never missed a jerk in competition. she had jerked 100 kg from the racks. her weakness is not the jerk so i would not practice jerks from the rack with any regularity. what to focus on???? the dip and drive. making sure the dip is straight down and straight up.....looking at the side to make sure of the dip. if the jerk is a weakness then i would jerk 2 - 3 times per week. contact me if you want additional info.
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