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Dear Coach:

I'm very interested in Olympic Weightlifting and would like to train with someone who could teach me the proper technique. I live in South Pasadena, have a wife and young child, and a pretty hectic career. As such, my time is quite limited. Nonetheless, I still make time for approximately 3-4 hour long workouts per week.

Do you know any coaches, teams, or other individuals in Pasadena, Los Angeles, South Pasadena, The South Bay, or any other nearby community that would be able to teach a newby like me the proper lifting techniques? If so, could you give me their contact information?

Thanks for your help,

E. Vargas

E. Vargas | 2007-02-20

come on down to mikes gym on weekends. also contact usa weightlifting: 719-866-4508 and ask about coaches in y our area.
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