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Hi Coach. Great site. I am a beginner with the power lifts and have received contradictory advice from two coaches- one says necessary to practically jump up while performing the power versions of the clean and snatch and the other says not necessary at all - just go up on your toes. Could you please clear my confusion.

Thank you for your time


Kamal Singh | 2006-10-17

kamal, you are a beginner with olympic lifting not power lifting. i teach my beginners to jump and land. not jump like a vertical jump where you come high off the ground, but a viscious extension against the ground like a jump, but you only come off the ground high enough to move your feet out into that landing or receiving position. one of my drills where i get the most success out of teaching my kids is this one: take a barbell in your hands with the snatch grip. stand jump, jump, jump, snatch. repeat. once they have that, they may need to be told to jump and raise your shoulders (shrug), do it again, snatch. works great getting them to create momentum and elevation on the barbell.....and then they learn that when the bar is going up and is vitually weightless, they pull themselves down under the bar. coach b
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