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Hey coach I am having a problem with my shoulders being way to tight when I catch the bar in the bottom of a snatch. Power snatch I can find that special spot and lock and land the bar just fine and I can overhead squat above body weight. When I do miss a snatch it always comes forward and not back. I did read on here about holding a pvc pipe overhead and feet together squat stretch. Should i try that?

Zachary | 2013-04-26

Yea that would be a great stretch and I'd also check out MobilityWOD/KStar's sight for other good material. With that said, if you can overhead squat over your bodyweight, it tells me you have the mobility to perform a full snatch. So, keep practicing and squat snatch everything! If if you catch it in a power, ride it down to the bottom position. Lastly, you should be program in snatch balances at least once or twice a week.
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