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Hi Coach, i seem to get caught at the bottom of my cleans for a second or to before i squat it it up. i think its related to catching the bar low as it get heavy bit i would like your opinion on the matter.

also could you please take a look at my snatches, my bottom position is quite unstable, i think this is a position problem more than anything. what would you recomend?

thanks for your help coach as always.

Joshua Peacock | 2013-01-29

If you break the video down and watch it in slow motion, you will see that you are catching the bar in a perfect position, but collapsing in the bottom position. You must tighten up when you receive the weight and keep your elbows up and chest vertical. Exercises to help this are heavy front squats, 1 and 1/4 squats, and lots of core back and abs everyday, and in my opinion reverse hypers are the best back exercise out there! For the snatches, they look pretty dang good. My only advice would be to settle in the bottom and control the weight before you come up. Don't be in a hurry to stand up, and instead receive the weight, control it, and then stand. Exercises such as heavy overhead squats and snatch balances will help your overhead strength and confidence, and as always, keep working the core as it is one of the most important aspects you can train. P.S. Please shoot videos from a side or 45 degree angle as it lets us see the bar pathway.
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Joshua Peacock
Thanks for the help coach, ill start to add plank work in everyday.

Yeh sorry about the camera angle, i will do so next time to keep you updated of my progress.

Many thanks again.