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I am self taught and held the bar more in the fingers and had a pretty solid jerk. Got some coaching and he told me men should hold the bar more in the hands; basically told me I jerked like a girl. I started doing that and now my jerk is horrible. So, should I keep doing what worked or follow the advise and work the new hand position?

Jay | 2012-09-30

That is a decision that you are going to have to make as an athlete. When we teach the jerk, the barbell is held in the hands so that the elbows can be down. With that said, I know a few lifters that jerk with the elbows up and barbell back on their finger tips, and they have no issues. The reason we teach elbows down is because it allows the lifter to generate more power when driving the bar up. I'd suggest that you give the new method a few weeks and at that point if you are still unhappy, go back to you old style.
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Understood, thanks Coach