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Hey coach,
First let em say this site is great and thank you for it. I am a former college football player who has been olympic lifting for a few years off and on. As you know most football players tend to be taught the wrong way to olympic lift. Recently however i have started realy working on form and technique. I have decided to make a switch from a more power lifting regime to strait olympic training. I plan on competing in the near future. I plan on using your basic program, but my wuestion regards percentages. I know when many lifters are "beginers" many trainers recommend not using percetages for the first few months so you can build your true bases strength. I just wanted your take on the subject.

Donald Simcox | 2012-08-06

i not ever be %% based but more feel based. get the reps in but keep the % where they allow PERFECT TECHNIQUE!! i know you have heard this if you are a former fb player: PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! good luck and let me know how i can help you become better!! coach b
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