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Would like to get some verification on the start of the 2nd pull. I've read where you have told people to "jump like hell" regarding the pull. My question is: "does the 2nd pull actually start with some slight hip extension to a more vertical back position, helping to rebend the knees and then the jump or is that overcomplicating matters?". Thanks

Jason martin

Jason Martin | 2012-06-15

Jason- Good question, and yes you might be over complicating matters, but its good to educate yourself on the lifts. The second pull starts just as the bar gets above the knees and ends in a violent shrug as you move under the bar. The reason my dads says to "jump like hell" is because if you do that as the bar is passing your knees, all your talk about vertical back position, knee rebend, etc. happens automatically. Think about it, if you place your hands on your knees, set your back, and then go for a max vertical jump, what happens? Your back gets vertical, knees rebend and you explode up. That why we say "if you can jump, you can olympic lift". Regarding your question, be patient with the second pull, stay over the bar as long as possible and do not be in a rush to get vertical. With that said, when it is time for the hip extension and vertical pull, its about aggressiveness and explosion. Lastly, there is a lot of technique involved in the second pull: staying over the bar/being patient, keeping the bar close, aggressive shrug, pulling the bar back in, etc, and that is why it is important to get some coaching or video tape yourself lifting. Hope this helps.
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Jason Martin
Wow! Thanks for your informative and quick response!
This will help tremendously. Thanks again, and thanks for the great site/resource.