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I star doing crossfit 5 months ago
I never did Olympic weight lifthing before,I have I hard time to get speed with my elbows and I bent my arms when I pushing up sometimes ,I try ,but I keep doing it ,I wonder if you can help me with some trills thank you I'm from vista ca .

William | 2012-05-31

As a coach, if I see an athlete with slow elbows/not getting their elbows around, my coaching que is "Faster elbows!". To be honest, there is no other coaching que. How do you get faster elbows?... Increase your elbow speed. Technique questions are difficult to answer without seeing you lift. With that said, my advice for you is to seek out an Olympic lifting coach in the area and get some coaching. If that is not an option, watch videos of Olympians online to see the proper technique, then video tape yourself lifting and see where you differ.
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