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I loved everything I learned at the Oly Cert! I wish we would've learned this at our L1! I feel like I am starting food for thought. The jerk is executed by generating speed and pulling under the bar. I see (and feel) that this should only be done 1 rep at a time. Doesn't it seem like quite a bit of eccentric load to lower the jerk back to the pressing position and rep it out? There's tons more power to get the load up, and nothing but eccentric contraction on the way down?

Janelle | 2012-04-17

the jerk is executed by generating speed thru the middle to get the bar moving....its done in the same way as the burgener warm up down and get the bar moving and then you DRIVE YOUR BODY DOWN with your arms under the bar. if you have to lower the bar down for 2-3 reps...i would use very light weight and or jerk boxes. with my kids we did singles. getting the bar back to the chest is a real nightmare for some people. but if you learn how to give with the bar and accept the load with give....its easy. but again most great ones use jerk boxes.
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