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Been working on one of my athlete's flexibility now for a year. He still lacks even adequate flexibilty to properly execute an Overhead Squat let alone a squat Snatch. Tried different rotation direction stretches, pushing the barbell back when he has it overhead, laying with a foam roller from shoulder to shoulder, face up, barbell in hand. Sometimes it seems to get a little bit better, but still no dice. Please Help, Coach! Thanks!

CrossFit Body-Mechanic | 2012-03-20

try the split snatch. josh everett had the same problem and he switched over to the split. casey from crossfit 760 had the same issues and we moved him over to the split snatch. torso is in a better vertical position that works better for the shoulders.
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CrossFit Body-Mechanic
We have tried that, helps a little but does not resolve the shoulder complex ROM. Plus he wants a better OHS and developing that aspect of his strength. Any other thoughts?
Coach B
Get an appointment with kelly starrett. He is the miracle worker.