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Hey coach,

Just wondering if I can get some clarification on my 2nd pull please?

So I can get this right in my head, the deadlift, once the bar is just above the knees, well you then straighten the knees and the hips at the same time so that the bar travels in contact up the thighs, and the hips and the shoulders align and extend over the bar in unison until the completed movement at the top, that's correct, right?

But on say, the snatch, once the bar travels just above the knees, is it right that the knees stay bent as you begin pulling the shoulders back and push the hips into the bar to straighten the back to vertical, while knees still bent, so that the bar is now into the crease of the hips with back vertical and knees still bent, then you go into the vertical jump and shrugging takes place in unison?

I've been snatching with the deadlift style: a) because I've deadlifted far more than cleaned or sntached over the years, and b) when I have snatched I've done it from a hang position above the knees and always straightened the knees and hips at the same time until bar is in the crease of hips and then driving hips into bar and shrugging and jumping in more of a already triple extended position.

Been thinking about this lately as been practising the snatch grip back kept vertical partial squat into jump full catch technique you have spoken about (can't remember the specific name you called this technical lift). Now I've totally confused myself with the 2nd lift!!!!

Love to hear your thoughts... Joe.

Joe | 2011-11-26

heck have now confused me!!!! there are 3 pulls in weightlifting. 1st pull is from the ground to 1"above the knees or thereabouts.....the 2nd pulls is where we accelerate the bar and goes from the time of acceleration to the full extension of the body.....the 3rd pull is the pull under. the 2nd pull is where the acceleration begins....i teach my athletes here to JUMP HARD creating speed thru the middle....this jump automatically creates a double knee bend, also known as the scoop or the transition period....the hips move forward, the knees rebend, and now my legs are in perfect position to drive upward creating a ton of speed on that barbell. you are thinking WAY TOO MUCH!!!! jump and land!! once you get this you will quit thinking jump you will think: JUNK YARD DOG AGRESSIVENESS....everything will fall into place. if i had you i would have you deadlift the bar to the 1" position.....pause checking your position....then go to the high hang position (straight) i would then have you jump/shrug 1/4" off ground....then i would move you down from the high hang to the 1" and have you jump/shrug. get the basics down first then move to more advanced positioning. good luck. do not hesitate to contact me at my e mail address:
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