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I was told for years that when you drive your hips and explode that the bar should hit on your thighs right about where it would be if you were to just stand and hold the bar with each appropriate grip. This goes for both clean and snatch, obviously snatch would be a few inches higher since your grip is much wider. Basically upper thigh in clean, and pubic area in snatch.
However my crossfit coach has been telling me that it should be making contact only a couple inches above my knees and this helps keep the bar closer to your body. My squat clean has improved since trying it this way, but im not sure if its this technique, or just that ive only done power cleans until 8 months ago.
What are your thoughts on this?

Jake | 2011-08-18

where the bar hits on the thighs is totally dependent on the lifter and as you say their grip. when starting from top down to the the take off area....1" above the knees....i have my lifters stop and then explode....obviously from this position i encourage them to FEEL THE STEEL.....but coming from the floor the bar may not hit would be higher in the sn and lower on the brings the bar into the hips and explodes from that position. the bar begins the acceleration process when the bar passes the knees.....if i wait to explode higher up...i miss all that watching video one can see the path of the bar is critical in getting to that area of i call jumping...for simplicity.
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