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coach burg. i am 48 yrs old and have been in the coaching profession for about twenty years. my goal in life is to be a better coach than you. do you think this is attainable or should i just retire and be satisfied with my accomplishments? please advise for time is running out. ps: have a merry christmas and tell the family hello from annaplois go navy beat colorado st.

fatius abdominus | 2005-12-22

hell.....i would retire!!!! being a better coach than me will never happen mr. woolfolk!!! hey kirk....why are you not out here? you should be!!! have you heard from the kids? looking forward to having casey home....wish nat was coming with him. you guys have a merry xmas as well. mike
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The Hombre
I heard that you have a 21 year old son who is a huge stud, how is he so studly and you so sissy??