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Coach B, on both the snatch and clean pulls, how high should we come up the body?
I've seen Chinese lifters come to a height where the elbows are high and wide, and knees are bending, similary for the clean.
Thanks in advance,

Stu SMITHSON | 2014-01-06

great question stu!! i have seen the chinese pull and really like it for the most advanced lifter. in my world i feel using this type of pull exaggerates the arms pulling the bar up.....the pull is designed to help one learn to create speed on the bar and then pulling body down.....without actually doing a full movement. i also think this pull for the less advanced lifter does not allow the lifter to FINISH the pull. with more advanced lifters i do not think this is the case. most of the people i work with we do a clean/snatch pull by going to the launch position (1" or so above knee with hamstrings fully loaded) and explode into the finish position. we try to create speed on the bar....the arms go along for the ride but do not actually pull bar upward. the bar will travel at whatever height it may depending on the drive of the legs and hips. hope this helps...if not...ask away!! coach b
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