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If a woman is planning to "try-out" for the Oly Weightlifting team - what would her schedule look like two months up to the "try-out?" Specifically, how much time of the day is spent training? Sleeping? And is there a work-out plan? Thanks!

James Ryan Caldwell | 2012-03-28

depends on the lady and her weaknesses and strength. but if she at the caliber of trying to make the olympics then she is pretty darn good. i would do short intense training sessions: fs, sn, cj fs. then pm fs, cj, sn, fs. then day 2 would only be one training and i might add pwr snatches and pwr cln with jerk and no squatting. at any and recovery is the key. i believe there is no such thing as over training but i do believe in under recovery.
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