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Hi Coach, I am a beginner in Oly lifting and I see in your generic workout program you have a 3 POS snatch and clean. What is POS? And just to clarify a SN push press is a push press w/ Snatch grip, correct?

Chris | 2005-10-27

a 3 pos snatch or clean is one lift from the ground, 1 lift below the knees and 1 lift from mid thigh or high hang. yes snatch push press is a push press with a snatch grip but also behind the neck. hope this helps. coach b
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Dennis Newcomb
Can the lifts be done in reverse order thigh, knees, then the ground or are you working on something specific going in the other order?
I know this is old but just for the sake of any who may venture thru,

3 pos from the floor is good for working on strength while reversing the order is good for working your technique.