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Hi Mike,

I am a relative new lifted and I was wondering if you could take a look at the link below. Can you tell me why in competition bars the tiny 1 kg plates are on the outside of the metal clips? Why not on the inside. Thanks

Jonathan Di Pierro | 2014-05-18

in weightlifting competitions coaches try to change weights to give their lifters more time to rest....once a lifter's name is called the lifter has 1 min to complete the lift.....many coaches will STOP THE CLOCK by adding 1 kg plate on each the old days the loaders would have to take the collars off the weights and add the 1 kg plate and then put the collars back on......this took more time....thus giving the lifter more rest.....SOOOOO.....the iwf (international weightlifting federation) changed the rules....the loaders now put the small plates on the outside of the collars. there you have it!!!
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