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Coach B, Congrats to Casey (and you and his other coaches) on his super job at Worlds. Could you please give a summary/overview of his training during the months leading up to it? Thanks, Jim

Jim Hooper | 2005-12-01

thanks for the nice words jim. first of all casey is trained by paul fleschler at the olympic training center in colo springs. really i have no input other than a few worlds of encouragement and some comments re what has worked with casey before. as i understand it, paul works casey in a very periodized training cycle going from strength phases to power phases to competitive phases. during the strength phases, squats, presses, pulls, power sn and clns etc are employed....heavy shrugs, some basic body building etc are also used. during the power phase a tad more work on the lifts are employed with heavy sn balances and heavy ohs along with heavy jerks from behind the neck....basic body building is also any periodized programs one works from high volume and low intensity to med volume to h igher intensity to finally, low volume and very high intesity. though out casey's training casey has taken pauls program and has done wonders with it....he has tweeked it a tad with pauls permission of course to using very heavy weights on the last couple of addition paul allows casey to do the sn balances very heavy (195 kg) and his rack jerks very heavy (240 kg) i think this is what i have had to do with his programs....casey believes in these movments for strength and has become comfortable with lifting these heavy weights. i hope this long, way too long, version answers your question. if not, let me know. coach b
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