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Hey Coach

I started out as a crossfitter and now i compete in o-lifting how much crossfit a week should i be doing or should i just do oly? If I can do xfit howmany days a week and what should the wods look like. I just know from my o-schedule my body is obliterated so i cant do grinder wods. So how many days a week can i do it ive bumped down from 5 days a week to 3 and they are short less than 20 minutes and include BW exercises and core exercise. I never use o-lifts in met con is that right? any help helps thanks!!...Lisa

Lisa Mo-schedule My Body Is Obliterated And Hard F | 2011-06-15

what i tell my guys is this: plan out a 2 wk cycle. on week one if you are predominantly a crossfit athlete you should do: this is done daily without fail! 1. junk yard dog warm up 2. burgener warm up 3. skill transfer exercises 4. high hang and mid thigh snatch then day 1 wk 1 do your met con if that is what you want day 2 do snatch workouts day 3 met con day 4 rest day 5 clean and jerk workouts day 6. met con day 7 rest. then reverse it wk 2. but always do the daily warm up!!! this has worked very well for my athletes who are crossfit athletes as well as oly lifting. of course if you have a big contest in oly lifting coming up you stop all the xfit activities....hope this helps.
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This did help! What if you are predominantly oly and have lofty dreams of competing in out of state and national contests. My biggest concern is gaining back the 130 pounds i lost! On that note do you tell our athletes zone or paleo or both. I have been doing oly 5 days now my coach put me on 4 days per week :( and xfit 3 but ones that have more core or skill exercises no running maybe row and 20 minutes or less and no c and j or snatches in them lots of KB exercises and I have been doing paleo zone 12 blocks and recovery sucks!! What do i do? Thanks!!!