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Hi Coach!

I am two weeks out before a meet (it is on 1/8)I would like to know how should I be training for this next two weeks? What exercises should I be doing at what % of max? How many days per week? Please keep in mind weeks before this I have had an extensive training schedule which involves 5 days per week oly and 5 days per week crossfit plus isolation stuff like 3 days per week. I have way overworked my self and are sore is there any way I can still do well at this meet? Should I take the week before the meet completely off? Would love your take on this! Thanks, L

Lisa | 2010-12-28

right now you should only be doing oly lifts. today should be a opener day. work up to openers in the sn, cj and do a heavy fs. mon: do 90% of opener x 1 x 2 sets in both sn and cj. working a heavy single in fs. tuesday: do 85% of that opener x 1 x 2, heavy fs. wed: take 80% of that opener x 1 x 3. no squats thur: play around with the bar and work on tech and speed just to get kinks out. friday: rest saturday: become a JUNK YARD DOG!!!
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Lisa M.
Thanks so much coach!! This helps sooo much!! Happy new year!!...l