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Coach, I've been following Catalyst Athletics Wod's for the past 6 weeks or so and I've seen good improvements in my lifts. I'm 7 weeks out from my first competition. I've been doing the competitive lifts for about 3 months or so, however I've been doing variations of cleans for a lot longer than that. What type of programming should I follow till my competiton?

Jason Lauer | 2008-08-11

7 wks out you are still good to go on basic movements and by that i mean a workout that consist of: a classical lift, a pull, a overhead, a leg, a core. so for example you might do: snatch snatch pulls sn push press front sqts back and abs the next day you would do: cln and jerk (classical as well as overhead) cln pull back sqts sldl 4 wks out do nothing but: sn cj fs
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Jason Lauer
Thanks a ton coach!!!