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Coach, What is the 1kg rule you speak of in today's workout ?? Thanks. Mark

Mark Schnupp | 2005-08-29

in the past the minimum raise a lifter could make after an attempt was 2.5 kg. as an e.g. a lifter makes 100 kg the minimum that lifter could go up was 2.5 kg...he could go up more, but not less than 2.5 kg. now, the minimum the lifter can go up is 1 kg. there is no more .5 kg more 102.5, 107.5 attempts...they are all 1 kg intergers. this is important for counting purposes between attempts for the next lifters timing of warmups. in the past i might count 3 attempts between a 100 kg attempt and 110 kg one can count as many as 10 attempts. this can create havoc in warm ups of a lifter.....therefore the lifters have to be trained to be able to go up and them possibly hold or even go back down then back up in their warm ups again. hope this helps. coach b
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