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I am going to take my first lifter to a meet. He is in the collegiate division. What types of advice and tips would you have? In between attepts what do you have your athletes do? (pulls, full lifts, partials) Opening weights, how do yo determine what they will feel good with? When to start warming up? Any info would be great. Thanks for the great site.

Kevin | 2008-04-02

congratulations on taking your first lifter to a meet. first off, do you know how to count attempts? do you know what that means? the first lift competed is the snatch then a 10 min break then the cln and jerk is contested. do nothing in between but rest and drink lots of liquid. i might have him eat some almonds, but only a few. that is only for energy. re opening attempts: this being his first meet and yours he will be nervous. what is a lift that he can lift anytime anywhere? as example my daughter sage makes 65/80 in training every day. so i started her with those weights. her max snatch was 71, so we snatched 65, 68, then we were going to jump to 71. she missed 71. in the cj her best was 84 we started her with 80, jumped to 84, then she hit 87 for a new record. confidence breads confidence. if you want to discuss this further contact me at:
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