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I know you addressed this question a little in your posts. What do you recommend an athlete do the day before the meet with regards to training for both a local and important meet? Nutrition? How about the day off? Do you recommend any particular foods or drink? Thanks for your help, love the site.

Dan | 2007-03-01

a local meet that does not have much importance but is held on a saturday or a sunday the friday of meet day is always an off day. the lifter would do a normal wo on thurs depending on the goal of the meet and the lifter of course.....but in reality the lifter would have 1 or 2 days rest before the meet. if they need to lose wt. they have to watch the food content and weigh each am after bathroom duties. if they are close, they need to watch the carbs and junk food and still weigh each am as before. if they are ok, eat the house!!!!
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