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A couple of meet prep questions...

When is the last 90%+ CJ and SN you have lifters do in training prior to a meet?

Do you emphasize any heavy assistance exercises the last 2 weeks prior to the meet to maintain strength as you taper off the competitive lifts?

Any other critical factors to watch the week prior?

Thanks for the advice.

Tim Fox | 2007-01-26

usually 14 days for the cln and jerk and 8 days for the snatch.  however i usually go to openers on the sat or sund before the meet   it really depends on the lifter and the meet.  i do not do many assistant exercises the last 2 wks.  mostly bs, fs, sn cln and jerk.    2 x per week fs, 1 x bs.  if i do have a weakness with a lifter we may work that the last 2 wks, but again that depends on the time, the meet, the lifter.   if its a local meet like we are having this weekend i would work the weakness.....if it was a national meet i would probably work more on the lifts. 

hope this helps. 

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