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Lifter leaves OTC as #1 and now #7? Coach B, just wondering what is going on? Casey getting screwed on something? Leaving OTC for good or just for break over Christmas? Don't have to post this on website, just wondering what is going on. Casey has done an outstanding job and earned the #1 ranking!!


Josh | 2006-12-25

casey and his former coach paul fleschler disagreed on training methodology as well as coaching styles. when paul kicked casey out of the otc for 1 wk for questioning the sqt program, that was the last straw for casey. he moved off campus, wants nothing to do with his former coach and his style of coaching. he is finishing school, training with andy garcy in colo springs. re the fall to no. really don't want to know how politics enter into our sport.....suffice it to say that in my opinion casey would stull be no 1 had he stayed at the otc. i commend him for his move and we will do everything we can to make that 08 team, regardless of the politics in this sport!!! thanks for asking!
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If a coach can't tell an athlete why he has them do something, there might be a problem there? Sort of common sense and people skills that you need as a coach. I hope that Casey works even harder and makes it in '08 despite the Fleschler and crap. Hope none of the other OTC residents have to go through this crap either. As a coach, you have to remember that there is no generic program or template that fits every athlete. You have to work with the athlete to help them be the best that they can be. Also, I know leg strength and power is vitally important to the sport, but this is weightlifting and not powerlifting. The lifts you are judged on are the clean and jerk and snatch, not squat? Looks like snatch, clean & jerk, and front squat would be the core components of the training program. Sounds too simple doesn't it? Tell Casey that we are all pulling for him in 2008!!!