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Coach, I've been wightlifting for a long time (I'm 25) and I'd like to pursue weightlifting at the competition level. I live in Louisiana though, and I was wondering if you know any people or gyms that I should try to contact to pursue my dream. I also know that there is an Olympic Weightlifting Center in my town, Shreveport, but I think that's just for Olympic Atheletes. Any suggestions?

Mehmet | 2006-02-20

you live in a geat city and a hotbed for oly style weightlifting. dr. kyle pierce is the coach at that center....i believe it is at lsu shreveport.....i would drop by and speak wiht dr. kyle and i am sure he will point you in the right direction. for dr. kyle pierce phone and e mail you can call usa weightlifting: 719-866-4508 and ask them for the taining center in shreveport....they will get you that number and possibly kyle's e mail address. coach b
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Coach, I've been lifting for a few years (i'm 28) and can never seem to find a club or coach to train with. I havent competed but I have for long desired to do so. I am considering taking matters into my own hands when I start graduate school in the fall by starting a club in South Carolina. I am scheduled to attend a USAW Club Coach course this summer. Any tips or suggestions on how I can get things rolling after that?
Coach Burgener
contact usa weightlifting. i believe as long as you have one member (you) you can start a club. also i know mike strock lives in so carolina...he is the guy that started lance frye. mike knows everyone around and will help in any way i am sure. also carl summers lives in easley so. carolina and his daughter shannon know lifting. usa weightlifting number is: 719-866-4508....ask them if there are any coaches in so carolina and how do you start a club. hope this helps. coach b