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I started learning Olympic Weightlifting about a year ago, and up until now I have been using a cheap bar that has the sleeves held on by an Allen bolt. However, it's now in a state where the one sleeve doesn't rotate. I'm therefore looking to get a new bar and can't afford to spend anymore than $550.

I got into weightlifting and Crossfit at about the same time. And typically spend half the week doing solely weightlifting workouts and the other half of the week doing Crossfit WODs.

Unfortunately as I live in the UK the mid-range barbells sold here are way out of my price range so it works out cheaper for me to buy a bar from the USA and pay the $200 shipping fee.

I was initially thinking of getting a Pendlay bearing bar, but unfortunately they don't ship to the UK, so I seem to be limited to either Rogue or Again Faster bars (as they ship to the UK).

I have never used any of the bars I am thinking of purchasing, so if anyone has advice on what would be the best choice or if they could recommend an alternative (under $500) that would be greatly appreciated;
Rogue Burgener Bearing Bar
Rogue Olympic WL Bar
Rogue Bar
Again Faster Bar

Thanks for your help.

Rhys Davies | 2014-05-23

look at the burgener bar from rogue. there is a rogue europe now...they may carry it.
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