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Hey Coach! I just started your 12 week 4 day a week pragram. I'm very excited, and can tell this prgram will yeild great results.

My question is...during the clean pull/shrug, or snatch pull, is it best to wear lifting straps or just focus on utilizing your grip..My reason for asking is because today when I got to doing clean shrugs you call for 115% effort, and at that point my hands felt pretty chewed up from all the snatching previously. I didn't opt for using them because quite frankly I'm not to keen on them, but I know for a fact I could of easlily lifted much more. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

Anyways, I appreciate all the help, and thanks for your infinite wisdom on this website.


Paul B. from Toronto, Canada.

Paul Benincasa | 2010-03-22

we have our athletes use straps to keep the hands from ripping. if one does not take care of the hands their oly lifts will suffer. good luck. let me know how you do. coach b
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