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I am a small college and our yearly budget is $900.00. How have supplemented getting equipment and other necessities at different places?

Kevin | 2009-05-12

i have done several year i wrote a manual and sold it to various h.s. and small colleges. it contained a lesson plan of sorts and my method of teaching the olympic lifts to large groups......sold it for $10. our district printed it for free. several years i held a h.s. cln and jerk contest.....had $10 entry fee. i went out and sold adds for the tee shirt i gave the kids.....the logo of the business was on the shirt......i made a good amount of $$ on these. for about 4-5 yrs i was lucky enough to do some public speaking....the $$ i made went to help buy stuff for our wt. room. another year our qb graduated from h.s. and was going to college......i got his dad to buy us a full set of kb's (16, 24, 32 kg) for each of our 9 platforms and i trained him for free for the entire summer. hope this helps give you ideas. coach b
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