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Hi coach.

I've seen the Murray Cross in the World Class Coaching videos and saw you speak of them in one of your newsletters. I'd like to add one to my platform, where can I find size specifications?


Todd | 2007-11-15

i typically use a 4-5 ft cross. that is more than sufficient to get the job done. when teaching my 55 kids in the classroom at one time i use only pvc pipe and them straddle the pvc pipe in order to teach foot position. the murray cross will show many errors and in reality if you make it part of your platform the coaching cue's that you can use will give the lifter a different perspective in correction. hope this helps, coach b
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Thanks coach.

I take it the exact specifications aren't too important so long as they give you a quick read on foot displacement. Is that a fair reading?

FWIW, in the WCC videos it looks like the width section is perhaps 3' across and 12" thick, and the length is perhaps 4' long and 6" thick. Would that work?