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I have a question about lifting belts. some peole say it is better not to wear a belt because it forces you to activate your core, others say not wearing one is dangerous. do you recommend wearing belts for your athletes, especially for squats and deadlifts?

Patrick | 2007-07-12

i believe in belts but only when you are in the 90-95% range. then we use them as a adjunt to the lift. my son casey who snatches wo a belt will use a belt on his cj and sqts when he is that range and has good results. we train the core hard and very specfically to the needs of the olympic style weightlifter. hope this helps.
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Would you make the same recommendation for a master lifter or do you think that using the belt at lower weights would be wiser? I'm 47 and am finding lower back fatigue setting in little sooner than in the past and it's making recovery more difficult. The trouble is that I've never used the belts for the classic lifts at all, just for squats and getting used to it is tough. Thoughts?
Coach Burgener
i think one should get the core strong and not use a belt unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!