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Just wondering if you had any pictures or suggestions for building squat stands, jerk boxes, and/or technique boxes for olympic lifting. Best for the $$$. What do you suggest?

Josh | 2007-03-01

les simonton out of auburn university has jerk box design on his website. he has the pix etc. i am not sure of les webiste though. get ahold of greg everett: and i think he may have them.
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Thanks coach. We're trying to get some ideas. Have a Jr. lifter that will be graduating high school soon and entering college. He's right at the total for collegiate nat'l now. Problem is that he cleans about 50 pounds more than he can jerk. He's been doing C&J, presses from a rack, push presses, split jerks front and back from a rack. We're looking at buliding jerk boxes and moving jerks up to the first thing in his workout. Also have a master's lifter whose jerk is holding him back. We're gonna get it fixed though! Thanks for the help.