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Thanks for answering a basic question. I have a kid lifting in a meet on Saturday and his lifting suit has an Inzer logo on it. It's a regular singlet, but it has the logo with about 2-3" letters. Is this kosher? The only thing in my old rule book on this pertains to national competitions. Thanks.

Tim Fox | 2007-01-10

i am sure it will be fine. if he were lifting in a meet in southern calif. and the southern pacific lwc he would be fine. where is the meet? who is the meet director? the fact that he has a singlet is the most important part. if he goes to the nationals or jr nationals he should get the singlet that usa weightlifting or sells. coach b
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Tim Fox
The meet is in Minnesota. The meet director is Scott Sahli (I'm sure Roger Sadecki will be there, too.) Thank you.