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I have ganglion cysts in the top of both wrists. The one in the right wrist is a bit worse than that in the left, probably because it's my dominant hand. They are not large at all (i.e., too small to aspirate) but are big enough to make holding the bar in a rack position or doing cleans a bit difficult. I just can't bend my hands as far back as other folks and overuse causes pain to flare up for a few days. This lack of mobility causes me to perform cleans a lot more slowly and cautiously than other folks nor can I progress in terms of weight lifted. Any suggestions on how to mobilize the joints more or handle cleans given a situation that likely won't ever change? Thanks!

Elizabeth | 2014-06-11

try the split clean. if you google split clean you will find a ton of the split clean the torso is more upright and therefore the elbows do not need to be as high in the rack. when you front squat...use straps on bar and grab straps for the rack....helps a ton. contact me at: for more questions and or pix.
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