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Hi Coach,
I cleaned the weight, and when I split jerked, my rear leg popped and I felt this excruciating pain. Adductors are tender and hip adduction is difficult and painful, now. Xrays showed everything intact and in place, pending a referral for an MRI. An onlooker saw my rear foot on the jerk and said my toes were in, like they caught on the ground. Rear leg buckled and the weight came down right-side-low.

Any suggestions on approaching training these next few weeks, besides no split jerks or jumping? I figure everything else works, as long as I don't tax the injured area, would it be out of line to keep training everything else?

Appreciate the feedback and your time!

Kevin Bania | 2014-02-09

before one can walk...they have to crawl....before they run...hey have to walk....get the idea...come back slowly obviously....take it easy...walking lunges??? do they hurt?? i would mark the feet on the jerk and try to get into that position easily before i ever jerk.....test that position. normally toes are in slightly on the you have the jerk on video?? was the back leg straight?? would love to see the video if possible. not sure i was any help...but seeing X-ray are negative is a good sign. coach b
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