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Mike, How do deal with elbow injuries, concerning both rehab and training ? I use the basics ... rest, ice, stretching ... but how do I arrange my training while improving my condition ? Which exercises to use ? For the record : it is triceps tendonitis due to an overstretched ligament. Thanks

Bert | 2005-11-30

normally when injuries like these occur rest is the best solution. working around the injuries by doing lots of squats and pulls. casey once injured his wrist....12 wk injury...we did lost of back sqts, front sqts crossing his arms....we rested, but iced daily sometimes 3 and 4 times per his wrist started to heal we did some military presses and cln grip snatches...etc....he got stronger during this period. the elbow is the same etc as you are doing....i think most lifters at one time or the other have had this injury....i have used 1 arm db ohs and even kb presses and ohs. ohs = overhead sqt. work around the injury and make sure you do not balistic training during this rest period.....balistic training at this point will aggravate the elbow. slow strength exercises are the best...even iso metric exercises keeping the arm tight will help in my opinion. hope this helps. coach b
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