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Hey coach I herniated my disc about 4 months ago while doing heavy back squats. I got a little heavy with the weight and my form got sloppy. I felt a little something through my hip and back. Unfortunetly, I have been struggling trying to make a recovery over the past 3-4 months. Lots of pt, ice, rest, and even had an epidural shot. Still lots of soreness in the back, and leg pain and numbness. Very frustrating. I just want to get make to my active fit lifestyle and start tossing weights around ya know! But I was wondering what you suggest I do? I have not made too much improvement through pt. I saw your son had a similar injury. What suggestions or advice would you give me? I know it takes time but at the same time I don't want to sit back and not recover.
I would appreciate your help!

Justin Andzel | 2011-05-24

wow....too bad. cody, son no 3 had that injury.....we did everything for 1 yr to get it squared away....nothing helped....then we decided to do a micro dysectomy. (sp) in 10 wks he was 100%!! hope this helps!!
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