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I'm 25 yrs old and I've had the same problem for the past 2 years. Once I reach about 85% of my Back Squat PR my hips start to hurt and it usually only happens if I do full squats. This all started after a two year lay-off where I didn't squat much and I quit stretching regularly. Am I just getting old, or is this simply a problem with my form?

Matthew Duckworth | 2009-11-24

i would have to look at your form. i think you answered your question by making sure you stretch more.....also look at your hamstring flexibility and strength. there have been several people who have knee pain that when they started doing the xfit glute ham raise, the knee pain went away. u are not too old....i am old and i squat.
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Matthew Duckworth
I believe you're right, but I needed to hear it from someone else's lips. Thanks.