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My hip flexor has been hurting on squats (both front and high bar back squats). It stared about 1.5 months ago, i think because i was bouncing too hard at the bottom of heavy high bar back squats. Now I can squat okay, but it still hurts and sometimes I am worried it will worsen again, so I want to take care of it now. I am not sure if it is a form issue, what do you think I should do to evaluate and treat it.



Weston | 2009-01-25

man, i have never heard of that before. hip flexors hurting by squatting. do you know what trap bar squats are??? i have used these before when an athlete is hurting from squatting....which is usually hip problem or so. take a camera and take video and send it to me and i will take a look at your form.
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